Santa Claus is coming!

Holiday season is in full swing, I am now ok with hearing Christmas music and seeing the store displays up! Personally I think it is silly we start seeing and hearing such things around Halloween!

One of the many great things to enjoy around Christmas is curling up on the couch to a holiday movie! There are so many to choose from I have compiled a list from the staff here at Youth Outreach of some of our favorite movies: Home Alone, The Grinch, The Polar Express, Elf and Christmas Vacation were the most popular followed by a couple of classic choices: The Year without Santa, A White Christmas and A Christmas Story.  A personal favorite of mine is Miracle on 34th street.

I suggest making some hot cocoa and finding a warm blanket and popping one of these in and enjoy!



Things I wish I knew in High School!

The leaves are beginning to change and school is back in full swing, going from the freedom of summer to the busy schedule of school and extra curricular activities takes a minute to adjust to. It is time to just breathe and enjoy this time, because Graduation will be here before you know it!

It has been a minute since I have sat in a homeroom class but with age I like to think I’ve gained some wisdom that is worth sharing, here are a few things I wish I would’ve known in my younger years:

Take Risks- You will learn so much about yourself when you go outside of your comfort zone.

Do your homework- It not only will keep your teachers happy, but will help prepare you for tests and who knows maybe you just might learn something that will help you win Jeopardy someday!

It only last 4 years- Yes, High School is the center of your life now but in the grand scheme of things it is only 4 years.

Get involved- Play a sport, volunteer, join a club or 5! You will create lasting memories with those who are also involved.

Who you are now is not who you’ll always be- Use these years to figure things out, you are still growing into the person you will be as an adult.  You don’t have to have the answers to everything now.

Despite what you think you know, you are not grown- Listen to advice from your parents and teachers, you don’t always have to agree but they are often speaking from experience and just trying to help.

High school drama is pointless- You likely won’t stay in contact with those who cause drama in you and your friends life. Try to brush of any rumors or speak to an adult if issues with someone keeps persisting.

Don’t worry so much about your appearance- Most likely people aren’t even paying attention to what you are wearing since they are caught up in their own appearances.

Get some sleep- Yes it is fun to stay up until 3 in the morning with friends but there is always a lot going on during these years and in order to function at your best you’ll want to have a consistent sleep schedule.

How to budget- Don’t always blow your whole paycheck if you are working, by putting a little into savings will help jump start your future and you never know when an emergency will happen and having a little put away will go a long way.

Get to know yourself- Explore your interests, figure out what your likes and dislikes are. Getting to know yourself better will help build confidence.

How to impress in a dress on a budget!

All the fun ahomecomingnd exciting events of Homecoming will be here before you know it! But don’t sweat, there is still time and plenty of places where you can find a dress that will make you feel like the belle of the ball! If you are not looking to spend a ton of money for a dress that you most likely will only wear once, there are a handful of resale shops around!

New to You and Goodwill are located in McMinnville.  Newberg has Lucky Finds, Newberg Thrift Shop and a Goodwill.  These shops can also be found online at:

Since those are all local why not get a group of friends together and spend an afternoon trying on all styles of dresses from silly ones to ball gowns, you never know what you will end up with! One thing for sure is you will have lots of laughs and make lots of memories!

If you are more of an online shopper, Facebook market place is a great tool. You can make a post that you are in search of homecoming dresses or just browse and see if any pop up. Just make sure you have parental consent and always have a safe public designated meeting place.

Other options to consider, Ross in McMinnville often has a selection of formal wear. If you are wanting to make a drive Adorned in Grace is in Portland and is a great shop where their proceeds go to help stop human trafficking.

All of these are places you also might want to keep in mind for prom dress shopping as well!



Many times throughout a year people set goals that they can work towards and achieve during that year. Also every year people quickly give up on those goals. Why is that? There are many reasons behind failing at the goals you set.

One reason might be that you didn’t set a goal that was actually achievable. Another reason might be that you didn’t know how to really get started on the goal so you stopped before getting started.

Have you thought about setting a goal or two you’d like to achieve? Have you already set one but you haven’t put much effort on achieving?

Here are a couple of tips to think about:

1.) Keeping it real. Choose a goal that you can reach. So, for example if you are failing a class and you want an A instead, what are the steps you’d take to raise your grade. Those steps could look like this:

first-attend class everyday

second-turn in assignments

third-ask for extra credit work

finally-don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2.) Break your bigger, ultimate goal into smaller achievable ones. From the previous example your ultimate goal would be to get an A in your class that you’re currently failing. Smaller goals that you can achieve in a shorter period of time will help you feel better and keep you motivated to achieve that ultimate goal you set. If we look at the previous example a smaller goal could be that by using the previous steps I will have brought my grade up from failing to a C. You now have a smaller, easier to obtain goal that you can work toward. Once you achieve that smaller goal you’re only another step away from achieving that A.


Social Media: Are You Doing it Safely?

Internet Meme

All of us are probably guilty of spending more time than we care to admit on social media sites. Have you ever gone to Pinterest to look up one thing and two hours later you’re watching a video of dancing penguins? No, just me?   In this day and age social media is huge and we spend a lot of time on it, posting pictures, and sharing many aspects of our life with others.  With all of this time spent on social media, do you ever take a minute to think about safety while using these sites? Here are some safety tips to consider while navigating social media:

1) Lock down your profile on your social media sites and don’t friend people you don’t know. If all of your personal information is available for anyone to see then they can locate you as you’ve revealed many things about yourself including the town you live in, where you work, or where you go to school.

2) Keep personal information about yourself private. If you reveal your info, someone that shouldn’t might be able to find you.

3) If you don’t personally know the person you’re chatting with don’t agree to meet them alone somewhere.

4) Be cautious in how you use check-ins on social media.  If you use the check-in feature on some social media sites then someone will also know your exact location at that moment. Do you want a random stranger to know exactly where you are at any given moment?

You can stay safer by keeping  your friends list to only friends you actually know, lock down your profile so only those friends can see what you’re doing and keep your personal information private.

Be Who You Are


Above image created by b0omitsb3th from

As girls it can be difficult to feel positive about how we look or what we do when we see celebrities, and others portrayed in the media with seemingly flawless bodies.  When we spend all of our time trying to be perfect, it can have a negative effect on how we feel about ourselves.  Theodore Roosevelt once said that “comparison is the thief of joy” and when we talk about how we feel about ourselves this is definitely true. If you are always comparing yourself to others or to models and celebrities, will you ever be okay with your own body? Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

1) Create a list of positive things your body does for you; if your body got you to and from school today then put that on your list. Each time you start to feel down or negative about your body add something positive about your body to the list instead.

2) When you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t focus on body parts or flaws you think you have. See yourself as the whole person you are. If you start to think about all the things you hate about yourself as you look, say something positive instead. Is there a positive quote you love? Repeat it out loud when you start feeling negative.

And finally, love yourself just the way you are. You are still growing and developing which means that thing about your body that you hate right now, you may grow out of that or even grow to love it.

Perfect 1

Making Time for Yourself


(Photo courtesy of

Everyone, even adults get stressed in their lives. Maybe there’s a lot going on at a job, maybe finals are coming up, or there’s something else going on at home. During these times of high stress it’s good to think about self-care. Self-care is when you take time to do something for yourself that you enjoy doing and that can make you feel better afterwards. There are some basic things you can do that will help with stress such as making sure you get enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy.

Taking that time for yourself to unwind and destress is important not just for your mental health but also for your physical health too.  Self-care doesn’t have to cost money either. Here are some ideas for self-care that don’t cost a penny:

  • Playing a video game that you love
  • Journaling
  • Drawing or other art activity
  • Taking a walk or doing something else outside
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Bubble bath

Find something you enjoy and spend some time to take care of yourself! Here at YO we have many different activities & clubs you can try out. During Spring Break you can come to YO for our girls’ night and make a unicorn sugar scrub.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Vertical image of a girl moistening skin with cream

With winter officially here December  21st, you might be noticing some issues with your skin such as redness, itchiness and other issues with the weather getting colder. Here are some tips to help combat some of our winter skin issues:

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water can help skin stay more hydrated as we go through the winter months.

Wear your sunscreen.

Wearing sunscreen in the winter is just as important as wearing sunscreen in the summer.


Try to use lotions that are more of a cream as a cream lotion will sometimes work better if your skin is really dry. With that said, just use whatever lotion you own and reapply to help keep your skin hydrated.

Cheap Costume Ideas

The fall season has arrived and that means Halloween is right around the corner. I have done some searching and found some cheap Halloween DIY costume ideas for $10.00 or less.

First up is a “Tacky Tourist” costume idea.  For this you just combine everything you probably try to avoid doing most of the time.  Don’t forget the fanny pack!

Costume 1

Next is another cheap option that would be good in a pinch if you needed something quick. For this costume just make the sign, add some string and bam done.

Costume 2

And finally for a more pun worthy costume and I do love a good pun, you just need a pig nose and ears and a blanket. You can even make them out of pink construction paper. Put those on; add a blanket and now you are a pig in a blanket. You could get a friend to do the same thing and be pigs in a blanket.

Costume 3

For some more suggestions check out



Back to School

School 1

With school back in session or about to be, this is a good opportunity to start school in a positive way that will lead to success.  Here are several tips from the Princeton Review to check out and hopefully this will help you be ready to rock the new school year!


Track more than HW in your school planner.

Keeping a calendar helps you plan ahead—but you’ve got more going on than just homework assignments! Make sure you’re marking your extracurricular, work, and social commitments, too. (Tests, band practice, away games, SAT dates, half-days and holidays are just a few examples of reminders for your planner.)

Start small.

If you’ve got a big assignment looming, like a research paper, stay motivated by completing a piece of the project every few days. Write one paragraph each night. Or, do 5 algebra problems from your problem set at a time, and then take a break.


Get real.

When you’re looking at the homework you have to get done tonight, be realistic about how long things actually take. Gauging that reading a history chapter will take an hour and writing a response will take another 30 minutes will help you plan how you spend your time.


Don’t let a bad grade keep you down.

A rough start to the semester doesn’t have to sink your GPA. Take proactive steps by checking your grades regularly online and getting a tutor if you need one.

For more tips read the full article here:


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