Work That Updo!

Hey Girls 🙂

My name is Charis, and like Lindsay said, I will be a resident blogger also. Unlike Lindsay, however, I am not from Oregon.  I came from a small city in Connecticut that’s about an hour away from NYC.  But I love the same things most girls do, like hair and fashion.  I spend most of my time, in school and out, writing stories and reading books because that’s what I plan to do for a living after college. My style is mostly “east coast preppy”, but I do like to try new things and break out of the norms a little bit.  Speaking of which, I recently ran into some trouble when I was trying to change it up and cut my hair, check it out…

All my life I had thick long curly hair, but I decided for the summer that I was going to make a change, so I cut a lot of it off.  I liked it short and I had nice bangs.  I felt like it was a good improvement.  However, I recently went to a different hair dresser when I needed a trim and the worst possible thing happened.  She cut it so short it’s now up to my chin.  I was in shock for a little while.  It took a lot of getting used to.  And even now its a little weird, but I am growing to really enjoy the style.  The only problem that I am still having is that I have no idea how to put it up.  I have a school dance coming up and I really want to have a fancy updo, but I felt like my hair was way too short to do anything that looks good.  So I started looking around for advice on how to solve my dilemma and ended up finding some awesome tips on cool ways to do the updo with short hair…


1) Try to start by pinning up little sections at a time, rather than putting it all up at once.

2) Messy is the style now, so if it’s not perfectly symmetrical (which short curly hair rarely ever is) than go with it.

3) It’s always fun to add fancy clips and jeweled pins to make any look more formal.

4) You could always go half-up half-down if the layers just wont work with you.

*For more tips you could check out


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