Baby It’s Cold Outside

The most essential thing about a good accessory is that it needs to be functional.  If something can serve an awesome purpose and still look good its a major score.  My favorite winter accessory that can look awesome and keep me warm is a cute hat.  Hats come in all kinds of patterns and styles that can make any outfit look adorable.  Now if you are one of those people who says hats just don’t look good on me” you are totally buying into the hat myth! They can be worn in several different ways and therefore they can look amazing on just about anyone.  Get ready to discover you new favorite accessory while I walk you through the different ways to wear a hat…


Option 1) Straight On
Just grab a round knit hat and pull it right over your head.  It can come down to your eyebrows and go the same level all the way around.  It’s the true winter look.
Option 2)  Back of Head Beanie
If you find a thin floppy hat all you need to do is set it an inch back from your hairline.  Some hats are made to stay on that way and others may need to be pinned, but it always looks super cute.
Option 3) Side Flop
Do be afraid to wear a floppy hat off to the side. (may need pins also)
Option 4) Tall pom pom
Now I always thought of the knit hats with the little balls (pom pom’s) on top as something that little kids wear to go sledding in or something. But then I saw it a light blue one on a girl once and she totally change my mind! It can look adorable!  So make sure to try the straight on approach with a pom pom on top and see if your one of those people who can pull it off; it looks totally awesome when you can!!!


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