Gobble, gobble, gobble!

Thanksgiving is in 2 days!

I’m so excited! Turkey, mashed potates, cranberry sauce, and my family’s oddest tradition: clam dip and ruffles.
Thanksgiving and the holiday season is majorly concerned with food.  And directly related to food, is weight gain.  So many girls on my college campus are already talking about ways to shed or avoid holiday weight gain.  Usually these ways are silly, sometimes they are dangerous, but most importantly: none of them work.
One of the hardest things a girl has to deal with is her body image.  The media today bombards us with pictures of beautiful, flawless women flaunting handsome men on one arm and the latest Gucci bag on the other.  However, these celebrities really aren’t as “beautiful” as we are tricked to think.

Check out Kelly Clarkson, before and after photoshop:

Can you spot all the differences?


All those magazine covers are pretty misleading as well.

So next time you look at a magazine and think, “She’s so perfect,” remember, no one is that perfect. 

Even though no one is “perfect”, every girl is beautiful.  So let yourself indulge this holiday season, because the benefits of good food and great company are so much better for your body than the latest fad diet.

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