“Mean Girls” Myth or Fact?

So you may never have seen a burn book, and you probably don’t imagine clawing at girls faces in the cafeteria, but at some point or another we all size up the girls around us and judge them as worthy friends or teasable foe.  On the flip side I’m sure that we ourselves have been sized up by other people and either become accepted or pushed out for any number of reasons.  When I was 15 I moved from New York to Connecticut and I never really felt like I fit in there.  I was different from everyone else.  They didn’t like the way that I wore high healed shoes instead of uggs (even though in New York heals were cooler), and I went to a church youth group that everyone thought was lame.  I wasnt willing to change who I was just because we moved to a different place, but that meant that I just never really fit in.  What”s worse was that some people thought that I was stuck up because I didn’t talk to them.  The truth was, I was really shy and never knew what to say.  So there I was thinking that they were judging me, while they thought I was judging them and the result was that we all actually judged each other.  But none of it needed to happen if we had just taken a minute to realize that we really weren’t that different.  A persons style and religion and shyness level does not change who they are underneath it all.  So the fact of the matter is that we are all mean girls and we’re all geeks.  There are way to many sides of people to really know them right away.  So my advise to you is to just take a minute, step back and try to see the other persons side of things.  They might seem like a totally different person afterwards!

This video is from other girls who have experienced the same thing:


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