Which Gleek Are You?

     Basically,”geek” is a word for socially awkward.  When someone is called a geek it just means that there is something about them that makes other people see them different from what is thought as “normal.”  When I ask which gleek you are I’m not asking how much, or even if you like the show Glee.  What I really want to know is which character on Glee do you think is the most like you?  The cool thing about that show is that everyone fits into one of the stereo-types and everyone in their own way doesn’t fit into it.  On the show there are cool kids and losers and misfits.  Everyone has a label, but at the same time everyone breaks the “rules” or goes outside of the definition for what that label is.  So when it comes down to it, whose really cool?  Is it Quinn, who went from head cheerleader to being slushied then back to head cheerleader?  Looks like she’s both to me… Or theres Finn who everyone respects, but he dates someone who  isn’t cool.  Everyone has qualities that are commonly thought to be cool, but everyone also has things that are considered to be geekish.  So pick a gleek,  we’ve all been labeled.  In a lot of ways that label will describe things about you, but they wont define you.  So why worry about whats cool? When the truth is, everyone’s cool… and no one is.

If you feel like you’re not quite sure how to overcome feeling like a geek more than cool, maybe you could check out this website: www.bizymoms.com/teenagers/social-pressure.html ! Or you could just comment with a question, and I would love to chat more about this =)

Stay cool guys!


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