Winter Romance is in the Air!


I think almost every girl I have ever met really likes boys. Including myself! Now that winters approaching, I’ve been spotting a lot of potential couples around campus, holding hands, snuggling up to watch a movie, and other innocent yet cute things that new couples do.
The “honeymoon” phase of the relationship, the getting-to-know-each-other phase and having butterflies in your stomach phase, is often the most fun part of having a boyfriend.  However, a lot of girls these days become a lot more attached to their boyfriends or love interests than they do to them.  One of the most important things a modern woman has is her independence. 

Here are 3 things you may do doing in your relationship that’s jeopardizing your independence:

  1. You are always the first to call, or text, or IM, and you’re constantly doing all three things
    Don’t devote your life to using every option available to communicate with your boyfriend.  He should be a part of your life, not the center of it! Now I’m all about calling a boy if you want to call him, but you should be equally initiating things with each other.  Also, you’re probably overwhelming the poor kid! Give him some breathing room.  If this is what’s happening in your relationship, here’s a nice little proverb for you: Absense makes the heart grow fonder.
  2. You are constantly terrified he is going to cheat on you/dump you
    Now, I’m going to be brutally honest here: if your boyfriend is going to cheat on you, he is going to do it, and absolutely nothing you say or do is going to stop him.  There is no point in getting jealous, or worrying.  He has chosen to be with you, and he will either honor that choice or he won’t.  If you are worried that he’s going to cheat, thats a sign that either a) you shouldn’t be in a relationship, or b) you need to chill out.
  3. You feel like you can’t be happy unless he’s there
    Oh girl, there are so many great things in life, and having a boyfriend is just one of the minor ones.  If you can’t enjoy spending time with girlfriends because you are too busy sending “i miss you :(” texts, refer to tips 1 and 2b.

Try taking this quiz here to determine whether or not you are a clingly girlfriend.


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