Shapes, Sizes… and Colors

“Hey Charis, what are you wearing to prom?”

“Um… thats in like 5 months, idk.”

“Oh well I heard Jenna and Ashley are wearing short sleeveless dresses, Jordan found a floral print and Heathers wearing some wierd ruffle thing…”

I remember having this conversation and thinking why does it matter what the other girls are wearing?  Turns out almost everyone at my prom wore short strapless dresses.  Why? Because no one wanted to be different and step out of the box.  Of course there were exceptions to this.  A few girls wore some really pretty long gowns and got attention for it because they stood out (in a good way).  But I dont think you should wear something different from the trend for attention.  In fact I think that if you geniunly like the things that other people happen to like too, then more power to ya!  However, you cant just follow the trends all the time.  Clothing and accessories are kind of like art.  What you wear tells other people how you want them to think of you before getting to know who you really are.  If you wear what everyone else does you quickly become a part of a stereo type and you lose the unique personality that could come across in your woredrobe.  So I suggest that you dont worry about it.  The people who have the best style are not the ones who look around at everyone else. They just put on the things they like and feel confident and awesome in it, letting their true colors show.



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