Solving skin problems, one spot at a time

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had problems with acne my entire teenage life.  Its so frustrating.  No matter what I used or did to my skin, I just couldn’t get it to clear up! And then if I found something I thought worked (Proactiv comes to mind), a few months or weeks later it would just suddenly stop, and I’d be struggling with another breakout.

I’ve used just about every brand and a good majority of products on the market.  Here’s some of my favorites.




St. Ives Apricot Scrub

This product is probably the most bang for your buck.  It smells delicious and it has a great exfoliator.  However, the exfoliation can be a little harsh if you have sensitive skin.  I would highly reccomend it if you have any acne problems on your chest or back, since the exfoliation is strong enough to really get clean.




Clean and Clear Oil Free Foaming Facial Cleanser

By far my favorite grocery-store available product.  I used this for a few years before I started to break out really bad.  If you have only mild or infrequent breakouts, this is great to use.  However, it will dry out your face, so make sure you use a moisturizer if you are succeptible to dry skin.


Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

If you use these right, they will literally get rid of your blackheads in less than 10 minutes.  I use these about once a week.  However, they are a bit expensive.  But they are worth buying over the generic brands, because they actually work.


Carley’s Clear and Smooth Acne Treatment and Natural Soap

This is easily the best thing on the market in regards to acne treatment.  I’ve been using this stuff for about a year now, and it is AMAZING.  My skin cleared up within the first week of using it and has stayed clear since.  I’ve reccomended it to friends and family, who it worked just as well for.  This stuff is phenomenal.  The only place you can get it, though, is through eBay and their own website, here.  Its a bit expensive up front, but its worth it in the long run, because the bottle lasts forever (I’m still on my first bottle, which I got back in February!) The natural soap is awesome too.  Make sure to follow the directions, and you’ll be golden.


Still having problems with acne, even though you’ve tried everything?  Talk to a dermatologist.  You could have skin allergies or another set of issues that needs to be addressed.


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