He Loves Me… He Loves Me Not?

   We’ve all been there! The crazy crush that you absolutely can’t stop thinking about.  You feel tongue-tied and frustrated because every time he comes near you your cheeks flush and butterflies take over.  It’s a feeling you can’t stand and want to go away, but at the same time you don’t ever want to stop liking the person that much.  But do they like you?  Girls are notorious for moving to quickly and to aggressively with guys.  You see him, you like him, and then you gotta have him.  I mean no one can blame you for acting on the thing that you’ve been thinking about all day… except for the guy.  How do you know when you should make a move or just chill out and wait for him to come to you? Waiting on a guy can be THE MOST FRUSTRATING experience of your life.  But in my opinion it is definitely worth it.  I am not someone who can play the game very easily.  And much like a lot of girls, I’m not fluent in guy speak.  When girls misread signals and act on a crush by flirting and being pushy you risk that the guy might lose respect for you.  If he doesn’t like you back, or even if he is interested, moving to fast could freak any guy out.  But there is honestly nothing better than when the guy finally gets the hint and takes the initiative.  It’s flattering and genuine and you would never need to question if they’re there for you or just because you pushed them into it.  So while it can be annoying to wait for him, don’t jump on the guy.  Show that you’re interested and respond positively every single time he initiates anything, but don’t chase him down.  Letting a guy initiate makes him feel more confident with you and you will feel more confident because you were important enough to him to start it all. 

If you’re just dying to know if he loves you or not, take this fun quiz and find out:


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