Dieting… Proceed With Caution


   As we grow older our body types change.  We go from little girls with little hips to mature women who begin climbing the scale of clothing sizes.  Its hard not to look at yourself in the mirror and want to stop the progression, especially when we are being led to believe that a size two is normal.  A lot of girls feel like it is their responsibility to eat less to stay “healthy” and keep away from the extremes of excessive eating.  Other girls are afraid of the opposite extreme of not eating enough.  Personally I have watched very closely when someone I loved had anorexia.  Whenever I am in the cafeteria and want to have more food then I am hungry for, I am afraid to say no because that could mean that I’m unhealthy in a different way.  So where is the balance?  How is a girl supposed to know when they are eating too much or too little?  I can tell you one thing… don’t decide based on what you see in the mirror.  Most of us look for an image that isn’t real when we analyse our own beauty.  If you don’t look like a magazine model that does not mean you need to change.  If you don’t look like the prettiest girl you know in school, you still don’t need to change.  You are you.  No one else can look beautiful in the way you can, so don’t try to change whats already great.  Eat when you are hungry, then stop when you are not hungry anymore.  When you look in the mirror say “this is my body and I love every inch on it” whether you have to many inches, or to few.  Because once you begin worrying about finding “perfect” the more you get sucked into a contest that will never have a winner or an end.  So rather than making you new years resolution about loosing weight, or trying to improve your appearance, how about deciding to love yourself instead.  Being content is something that needs practice, just like exercise and dressing well.  By the end of this year you might see a miraculous difference in the mirror, even if the literal image didn’t change at all.


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