Girl or Woman?

No girl really likes being called a feminist.  Even just the idea suggests that you are bitter and rude and suggest you don’t hang out with many guys.  But every girl at some point in her life has felt like they were treated lesser than a boy.  I remember when I was in the seventh grade and my history teacher called all the boys to the front of the class.  He put them in a line and started reading from a piece of paper about how they were joining the rank of an army and their new responsibilities.  In WW2 soldiers in some countries were as young as 12, so my teacher wanted us to understand this reality by treating the boys for a minute like they were in the army.  As they were sitting down I called out “What about us?” referring to the girls.  A boy passing by my desk said “What do girls have to do with anything?” The teacher never addressed my question, or the boys comment.  I felt frustrated and confused, but the worst part about it was he was partially right in his observation.  There was nothing in the text-book about girls, and in everything the teacher taught us for a month after that (as I continued to feel angry whenever I was in that classroom) we were never really apart of it. 

I dont think my teacher was a bad person and I very much understand that we can’t change the history that is already in place.  But I know that as a strong independent woman, I have a responsibility not to let people make me feel weak and small simply because I am a woman.  I think it is extremely important that girls/woman of all ages begin to become confident believers in themselves and take on all of their potential for what they can do in our society!


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