Keep the Balance

Spring is soon approaching.  We get to go shopping for new summer clothes, couples are forming, the outdoors become more and more appealing… and yet we have school, work and any number of responsibilities.  Of course it’s never good to have all work and no play, but it’s also a terrible temptation to spend all your time having fun and downright avoiding your responsibilities.  Where is the balance? I know that for me life has been filled with drama lately.  My friends need to talk to me and to each other and work out arguments, there is a boy in my life, phone calls from my family are getting longer and longer as things keep happening in their lives and i feel like I just don’t have time for anything anymore.  So where do we draw the line?  How do we keep our scale from tipping over on one side and neglecting the other. 

Here are some helpful tips to help balance your life:

1) Sometime just say no—  Your friends, family, romantic life, etc are all very important but so are your other responsibilities.  If you need to take a rain check on hanging out and spending time with them they should understand.

2) Make/buy a planner— If you write out all the things you need to get done and form a schedule then you can have organized free time for people without neglecting the other things you need to get done.

3) Remember what is important— Let’s say its a sunday afternoon and your friends all want to go to the mall but you have a test the next day.  When you’re deciding whether to study or go with your friends think about what will matter in a month.  Most likely this one mall trip wont effect things, but failing your test is going to be a big deal for a long time.


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