The Art of Being Persued

Sometimes boys don’t get it.  They can miss a lot of the cues that we try to give them when we like them.  It’s really frustrating, especially if you are kind of shy.  How are you supposed to encourage a nice guy and show him that you like him, without being way too over the top?  I can assure you that it is a very delicate balance.  But the thing that a lot of girls do is rush into being super flirty with a guy they like.  They will get his number and try to start conversations by texting him all the time, or flirt with him whenever he is around.  It’s easy to look around and see the guys going for those girls and think “the only reason he likes her is because she’s all over him.”  Guys respond to the like-and-pounce method because it is a lot easier for them then going through the trauma of pursuing a girl they really like.  But they usually don’t treat the girl very well because they were never expected to do anything for her.  So my advice is not to pounce on a guy if you like him… no matter how tempting it can be.  Hang back and let him come to you.  Some guys take a little bit of time to know how to go about everything. 

 But when they are the ones chasing you and then you like them back, it’s actually a major confidence boost the guy and for you… one that no one would have if you were always going to them and initiating everything.  But if the guy your after doesn’t quite take the little hints you try to give him, it’s also not all wrong to be more direct.  There is a difference between acting without tact and acting straightforward and honest with him.  It can be a little scary, but if you show him how you feel and you are honest with him, you could give him the courage to pursue you in the way you’ve always wanted.


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