The Brains of the Matter

      “Beauty and Brains!” Is the exclamation that we’ve all heard.  People say this typically after they realize we’re smart as well as pretty.  What does that mean for us girls? When a guy calls me intelligent I feel respected and also kind of alienated.  It makes me feel like im different from everyone else and maybe like they’ve put me in a different category from the other girls.  I still might feel respected as a person, but I also feel like I’ve exposed myself in a way that is less appealing to guys. 

     Lets look at examples of power women figures in movies and stuff.  The really cool powerful girls are the ones who seem to be tough and bratty.  They’re the kind of women that you never want to mess with and they are usually alone.  They may work with the guys and be appreciated by them, but they are usually not the kind and loving wife characters.  So why is it that being smart, as a girl makes you mean and impersonal, but if you are dumb and innocent then you will be truly appreciated? 

     I have experienced this when I’m around guys.  They always respond super well when I act cute and bubbly and just joke around with them.  But if I dared to be serious and make genuine wise contributions to the conversation the whole mood changes.  Like most girls, this worries me and I feel like I should turn off my smart side when I’m hanging out with people, especially the boys.  But I’ve actually discovered that as you get older guys start to really prefer the smart girls.  Being smart does not mean you have to be bitter and lonely.  A girl can be approachable and kind but still have the confidence to say “I know what I think” and stick to it.  Guys like to have an excuse to respect a girl and intelligence usually qualifies for earning a guys respect.  So rather than dumb it down in fear of intimidating a guy into not liking you feel free to show your bright side as well as your fun cute side.  You might be surprised at how well they can work together!


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