Butterflies or Better Judgement?

In every relationship from friendship, to romance, to your family members, and so on, there is always things you will discover about each other that get on your nerves.  It is impossible to really get to know a person and not to see certain qualities about them that drive you a little wacko! For example, I am an extremely organized person.  I have every hour of my day planned out from the moment I wake up in the morning.  So when I try to make plans with someone in my life, who rarely has anything planned before it is happening, I get super frustrated.  In a dating relationship you are bound to find out things about people who can easily get on your nerves.  I know a lot of people who let those qualities about their significant other be major reasons for fighting and eventually breaking up.  Most people have an ideal in their mind about what the perfect guy is like.  They imagine him saying all the right things and always being able to tell when you need something.  Now there are A LOT of really great guys in the world.  However very few of them are able to think about things in the same way that girls do.  They solve problems very differently than us.  So if we are feeling something they are not typically going to react the way we expect.  The girls who don’t compare their man to a perfect ideal and instead believe that their guy can do no wrong, are also taking that argument to a bad extreme.  If he does something that bothers you don’t let the butterflies and good feelings get in the way of communicating that you are a little frustrated.  Every relationship needs a healthy balance.  So its okay to get frustrated when a guy is thinking to logically and not considering you enough, but you need to be aware that just because they aren’t doing it in the way you wanted doesn’t mean they dont care.  Explain to them what you expect, and then remain gracious and understanding while they figure it out.  Some men were born romantics, other men need things explained to them.  If you really care about making it work you will let romance grow while constantly working on understanding and respecting each other.  Good luck!


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