Born This Way

This last Friday, Lady Gaga released her much anticipated single, “Born This Way.”

Now, before I discuss the song, let me just admit one thing: I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan.  One of the highlights of my young adult life was seeing her live in concert this summer at the Rose Garden.  She may be crazy and she may make a few lifestyle choices that I don’t  agree with, but she is an outstanding performer and I think the message she gives to her fans is a very positive one: Be Yourself.

The song “Born This Way” is an embodiment of that message.  “Just love yourself and you’re set” is my favorite lyric in this song.  Because in a world where girls are bombarded with pictures of what they are “supposed” to look like according to society, and with lifestyles that they are “supposed” to live, learning to love yourself and who you are without having to conform to everything society deems you should is a difficult but important task.

So if you take only one lesson from Lady Gage, make sure its this one: Rejoice and love yourself today.




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