You cant photoshop reality

Have you ever looked at a picture and seen the smooth lines of a girls stomach or her thighs and thought to yourself “there is no way that’s natural”?  Well you were probably right if you were looking at a magazine, billboard or any other kind of advertisement.  Did you know that almost ever female celebrity has a hired professional to edit every single picture that is ever printed of them.  Any magazine or other company would be fined if the printed a photo of a celebrity before consulting the person paid to edit the celebrities body.  So when do we get to see the real thing? Rarely, Dove has done several campaigns to try to show real sized women naturally in their advertisements, but we are mostly shown fake human look-alikes.  This whole thing started in the first decade that television came out.  They used to have the rich daughters of the producers  in advertisements who were usually overweight and unattractive, until the advertisers realized that attractive people are more likely to sell the products.  That was when they began hiring people who they deemed attractive enough to sell things because “that’s what people want to look at.” This sends the message that the girls who don’t look like models are not good enough to be seen.  So there is no wondering where young girls get the impression that their looks aren’t good enough.  Especially now that it’s not just the most attractive being picked for the images, even the most attractive need editing.  News flash to the world, what people want is something real, and you can’t photo shop reality.  So take that picture or magazine cover that you’ve been comparing yourself to and get rid of it, knowing that girl isn’t real.


To learn more about Dove’s campaign and to see how much photo shop can really do to an image, check out this awesome video!


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