New Perspectives

Most of us grow up in families with siblings, go to school with lots of people, play sports, join clubs and hang out with people our age.  We are constantly surrounded with our peers and forced into environments where we don’t have a choice about interacting.  Because of this we all come to some kind of understanding about each other.  This is how clicks form.  You find the people you want to be around and then stick with them.  We separate ourselves and find a way of differentiating between the people who are like us and who aren’t.  But what happens when we grow up and find ourselves in places where making a click isn’t so easy.  In college you get to choose your roommate after freshmen year but you don’t get to pick who else lives around you.  In work, as an adult, you will have to work constantly, sometimes for years on end, with people who you don’t get to choose based on how many qualities would work best for your friendship.  We have to learn how to understand the people who are different from us and to accept and work alongside them.  One of the most important thing that I have learned that helps me in this area is based on communication styles.  I’m a super loud excited outgoing person pretty much all the time.  Whenever I’m around shy people its hard for me not to think that they don’t like me, simply because they don’t express it the same way.  My roommate on the other hand is super shy.  She sais that sometimes loud people seem rude to her even when they aren’t saying anything mean just because of the tone of their voice.  Because we are different in this way we had to learn how to speak in a way that makes each other feel comfortable.  And I now understand that you can’t look at someone who is different from you and assume that because of the way they are shy or outgoing they must be snobby or rude.  Just take the time to try to understand where they’re coming from and what the way they are speaking means to them.  It definitely helps form an understanding and easy-going environment when you find yourself stuck around people who are nothing like you.


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