Finding the Right Bra Size: Its Important!!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a very hard time finding the right bra cup size, band size, style, brand, etc.  According to some statistics, up to 80% of women wear the wrong bra size!

I sometimes spend hours in the bra department, trying on bra after bra, to finally find one that fits perfectly! But then two weeks later its stretched out and no longer fits, or the underwire has worn through, because the material is so cheap.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that aspect of the situation. However, I can give you a run down on how to find the correct bra size!

What you need: A friend (or Mom), and cloth measuring tape

How to prepare: Make sure you stand up straight, and if you are going to measure over clothing, make sure it is close fitting and thin fabric.

Step 1: Measure around your chest directly under your breasts.  Record the number in inches.  If it is an odd number, round up one to an even number.
This number is your BAND size.  If you measured 35, you will be looking for a bra with the number 36 in the size.

Step 2: Measure around your breasts at the fullest part.  Remember to keep the measuring tape at the same level all the way around.  Record the number in inches.

Step 3: Subtract the number from step two from the number in step one.  The difference between these numbers determines your CUP size, or the letter portion of the bra size.
Heres a the chart to determine the difference:
1/2 inch difference=AA
1 inch diffenece=A
2 inch difference=B
3 inch difference=C
4 inch difference=D
5 inch difference=DD or E
6 inch difference=F
7 inch difference=G

For example, you could measure 35 around the chest (which rounds up to 36) and 39 around the bust.  39-35=4, which gives you a C cup size. Therefore, your bra size would be a 36C.

Once you have this size, go out to the store and start trying things on.  Don’t be afraid to try on other sizes close to your own as well, because you could find that some brands run small or large.  If you measured a 36C, you could also try on 34D or 34C.  I would not recommend going up a band size though, because they tend to stretch out with age.  Remember that as you go up and down band sizes, that cup sizes are not consistent.  The smaller the band size, the smaller the cup.

Remember, every girl is different.  Don’t be so worried about fitting into that “perfect” cup size that you end up uncomfortable in the wrong fitting bra.  There is no perfect cup size, but there can be a perfect fitting bra.


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