Real Work and Real Rewards

Have you ever felt like you have worked super hard for something and nobody noticed? It’s a really frustrating feeling.  I remember back when I played Ice Hockey and for weeks my coach picked the other goalie to start even though she blocked half as many shots as I did in practice.  I can remember crying in frustration after the games and feeling like the coach didn’t recognize the work I put into it.  School can be the same way.  I swear that after three hours with my math text-book I can only accomplish as much as some kids would in twenty minutes.  But the teacher sometimes only sees the score on the test, not all of the blood sweat and tears (or in this case sweat, pen ink and calculator battery) that went into it.  The frustration and hurt that comes from a good job that goes unnoticed is the same thing that leads to people to drop out of school or settle for things that could have been a lot better. 

However, I am a solemn believer in the idea that nothing goes unrewarded.  After months of practicing and working out way harder than the other goalie on my Hockey team she got tired out during a game and the coach put me in.  I blocked every shot, including a one on one penalty shot with the other teams best player, and I started for the rest of the season.  Now I’m sure some people would say that it was luck that I finally got my chance to prove myself, but I never would have been able to make the most of it if I had given up trying when the coach didn’t pick me in the beginning.  Eventually every lesson you learn and everything you work hard at comes back to reward you.  In college I finally began to understand why its important to work really hard in school.  I went from a B to an A student simply because I loved the feeling of overcoming the challenge.  And it motivated me even more to realize every single grade influences my GPA when I graduate, and then what kind of job I get.  Working hard doesn’t guarantee that you will always have the best opportunities… but it does ensure that when you get any opportunity at all, you’ll be able to do a lot with it!  So do your best, because your worth it.


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