Facebook Frenzy

Everyone who is anyone is on Facebook these days.  Today in my communications class, my professor actually talked about the importance of being on Facebook, and how it can even assist you in getting a job!
However, a lot of people argue that Facebook is a huge time waster, and that it is a fake way of communicating with people.  These past few weeks, there has been a huge fad of my friends deactivating their Facebook accounts.  Taking a “Facebook fast” has become the new trend.
I guess for me, the question becomes, “How much Facebook is too much Facebook?” And you can even extend that question to include Twitter, MySpace, and other popular social networking sites.  I think if your Facebooking is interfering with your schoolwork or family time, you may have a problem.  “Everything in moderation” is an important quote to live by.

I encourage you girls to set aside some space everyday-even if its only for 10 minutes at a time-to put aside your cell phones and computers and iPods and all the technology that clutters up our minds and to live in the present.  Often I think people are so busy waiting for their next notification that they forget what life is like in between.  Too much Facebook and social networking has even been shown to cause depression in teenage girls, according to this article.

What do you think about these new “Facebook fasts”? Would you ever participate in one? Do you think Facebook is crucial to the future, or is it just a way to pass the time?



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