Spaghetti and Waffles

Have you ever heard of people refer to the difference between guys and girls brains being like the difference between waffles and spaghetti? Guys compartmentalize things into little boxes like the grid pattern of a waffle.  Girls think of thing as an interconnecting mesh of craziness like a big pile of spaghetti.  This has a huge effect on the way that guys and girls interact.  Some guys have a really extreme inability to focus on more than one thing at a time.  I have a guy friend who I have to try really hard not to text when I know he’s studying.  It’s not because I don’t think he wants to talk to me, but school is in one compartment and I as a friend am in another.  Therefore if he is texting me it is an absolute break in study mode and concentration on the task at hand.  This is kind of frustrating.  I can text while I’m doing homework and its no problem.  Sometimes girls feel like if a guy isn’t thinking about you all day and texting you and stuff that means he really doesn’t care about you.  Because when we are thinking about a guy we can also be cleaning our room, talking on the phone and be listening/watching the TV like the many strands of spaghetti wrapped together on a fork.  When we really like a guy the spaghetti strand with his name on it is always mixed in with the other things we’re dealing with.  When a guy cares about us, especially when he cares A LOT, it’s actually less likely that he’s going to be concentrating on us nearly as often.  Sometimes this can be really, really hard to be understanding about.  But cut the guy some slack and you might actually find that the waffle thing can be really good.  WHen he is finally concentrating on you and setting aside time for the compartment with your name on it, then he is ALL yours!

To learn more about the differences between girls and guys read this cool article


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