Left Out

 Finding the right friends can be really hard.  When we are growing up and figuring out who we want to be in the world it can be super difficult to find the people your age who are able to stop thinking so much about themselves and care about you.  There are lots of friendships that form in middle and high school.  Sometimes your friends with someone because they play the same sport or they dress the same way.  You could be brought together by a mutual friend or you could be the only two people who don’t seem to have anyone so you stick together.  Whatever the reason you become friends, its hard to feel like the other person actually wants to get to know you.  And even friends that you feel really close to you can get distracted with other people and other things that they are doing and stop trying to be a good friend for a little while.  The hardest thing is to remember that they are not rejecting you or getting distracted because you did something wrong and they don’t like you anymore.  Sometimes when a friend seems to be aloof and uncaring it’s when they are so confident in the friendship that they feel like they can take some space and you will still be there when they get around to spending time with you again.  It’s hard not to feel rejected, but they are not rejecting you. 

Nonetheless when you feel like someone is not being caring enough then you should say something.  It seems like the scariest thing in the world to have to tell someone who you are feeling left out because that means admitting that you care a lot about their friendship right when they don’t seem to care.  But honestly, it is so much better to make an effort to is the problem then to let people slip away and hurt your feelings when they don’t even know they are doing it.  You are worth other people’s time! You are worth being cared about! It’s okay to expect that from other people.  Having the confidence to stand up for yourself and to ask to be included is actually a really cool quality.  And trusting the other person to care about you enough to respect your request is a really big step in any friendship.  You would be surprised at how many people step up to the challenge and begin to be a better friend when you kindly remind them that you need some love.  Believing in yourself that much proves to the other person how much you are worth loving.  So go out and stand up for being included!


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