Never Alone

    What is wrong with the picture above? I mean we here in theory that the disconnectedness that comes because of cell phones and Facebook and AIM and all those things is bad, but what is really bad about them?  Its fun to use those things.  You can get instant entertainment where ever you go and you always know whats going on with other people.  It makes you feel like you are constantly socializing even if you’re in a remote personal setting like the one in the picture.  That is FUN! But what is really the point of trying to feel that way all the time? Why is Facebook and texting so addicting?  Back in the day before all this technology people used to live in small close-knit towns where everyone knew each other well and had deep connections with each other.  Today, as society is changing, people’s social lives are getting broader.  There are so many people and things happening that its easy for all of us to get lost in the shuffle.  So the things that help us to feel like we have a place in the world and people who love us are these cyber connections we make.  They are less personal and detached from interaction… but they are so much better than having no connection at all.  It feels so good when you are having a horrible day to go on Facebook and change your status to let everyone know about it.  The instant response from people telling you they hope it gets better and other shallow comforting remarks provides an instant feeling of not being alone.  But when you do not feel heard in person.  And you don’t know how to make connections with people, or feel like experiences and friendships really count unless they are cataloged somehow in the cyber world, than you may have a problem.  Loosing your ability to connect on a level much deeper then can be reached from the other side of a computer will have epic consequences on who you are.  Find people who know how to validate you in person.  Find people who you can just sit and talk to without anything else going on around you.  Learn how to sit and be with yourself, and still have a good time.  It’s not weird to do that… it’s actually normal.


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