Empowered Women

I knew this teacher who always asked the students on the first day of class to write an essay about what they wanted out of life.  She said that there was always a surprising difference between the essays the guys wrote versus the ladies.  Every time the guys would talk about having a career and playing sports and living in cool places.  Some of them even remembered to hope for good health.  However, the girls often mentioned career’s and other ambitions, but they ALWAYS had one key component that seemed central to their happiness and fulfillment in life.  They all wanted to find the one man who would love them their entire lives and get married.  The guys always just assumed that marriage and love would happen along the way.  But the girls worked it in with the core of what they wanted out of life.  Girls tend to treat a romantic relationship as if it determines who they are in the world.  Everything they want out of life can only be good with the guarantee that they will have a man to share it with.  This is such a limiting thing to concentrate on.  They guys you date and one day the man you end up with are just another piece of your life, they don’t nearly determine the quality of who you are.  Too many girls spend all of their time and energy on activities that will help them to attract a guy and improve their chances on falling in love.  Now, it is an incredible thing to fall in love and it is worth being excited about.  But don’t let that one thing control the way you feel about life and about yourself.  Get out and live! Forget about choosing the activity that is most likely to have the cutest boys involved or doing the thing you think will make guys like you more, do what you love. The guy that will legitimately respect you and be in the kind of relationship you want to be in, will come when you are investing and believing in yourself.


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  1. tina
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 12:18:49

    brilliant… love it


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