Spring Fever

When the sun comes up so does the temperature outside.  Before you know it all of our temperatures seem to be skyrocketing out of our crazy need to be outside enjoying the day rather being kept in for school work and such.  Spring fever is the worst when it hits hard and fast and its impossible concentrate on any of the things you’re expected to do.  Classrooms are hot and teachers get cranky and everyone starts thinking about how much free time they will have when they don’t have anymore homework at all.  It’s an awesome feeling to know that freedom is coming and the stress of the hectic school year will end soon.  But it is never worth slacking off for some free time before we reach the summer.  Even though it is super tempting, it’s a good thing to stay concentrated on your work so that when your free for the summer you don’t have to worry about what your parents will see on your report card, or what the teacher will say the next time you see her.  The freedom from school work feels even better when you know that you’ve done your school work really well. 

So here are some tips on how to stay concentrated:

1) Dont completely starve yourself of all free time.  Get one homework assignment done and reward yourself with 30 minutes outside.  Then after hanging out for 30 minutes go back and do the next assignment.  It’s a lot easier to concentrate when your know your going to get the free time you want rather than cutting yourself off completely.

2) Take away temptation. Go somewhere that you know you will be able to concentrate and let your mind focus.  I’m sure that doing homework in front of an open window with people laughing and having fun outside is not going to help you concentrate on what you’re doing.

3) Avoid sugar and energy drinks.  Things that give you a lot of sugar create more energy and make it hard to stay still.  Dont get yourself super energized before doing your homework.

4) Take the homework outside with you.  Go with friends outside and sit on a blanket or at a table and do homework while you hang out.


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