Everyone faces some really tough decisions while we are growing up.  From Middle School on we develop interests in things like sports or art or science and everyone finds something that they enjoy and feel good at.  When we pursue those things we actually start developing potential opportunities for the future.  My friend Hannah started playing basketball when she was really young.  She was a lot taller than the other girls and when she played basketball she really fit in with the other girls.  She’s now playing basketball for a college team.  Her one talent ended up determining where she went to college which determined the friends she has and how she spends her time.  What we do now has big implications for what we will do when we get older.  Its okay not to have a specific thing that you love and want to do for the rest of your life.  But if you find interests and start investing in them now then you will have opportunities down the road.  For me, I love photography.  When I was twelve my parents got me a camera and i took it everywhere and then would edit the photos on the computer.  But then the camera broke and I never bothered to get another one.  Now my roommate is a photographer and she gets paid to take photos for people.  When I watch what she does I think that I really could have been good at it but I never tried while I was growing up.  Now I have my writing and school work and my job which means I don’t have time to learn photography from the beginning, but I wish I did when I had the chance.  Take a part in the things you are interested in.  Pursue the things you think sound really fun and cool.  When you do the things you like when you are growing up then it could turn into a job and a lifestyle when you get older.  And who wouldn’t want to spend their lives doing the hobbies that they love!?!?


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