Love What Your Given

One time when I was a kid in fourth grade we learned about musical prodigies in school.  I saw the whole documentary on different composers and realized they were all younger than I was when the were discovered as genius’.  When it donned on me that I was to old to be a prodigy I went home from school and cried in my room because it was so unfair! Now, truth be told, I was a weird kid that I would discover that I wasnt extraordinary and go home to cry.  However, I had really high expectations for myself as a kid.  I believed that I could be the best at things.  In fact I decided that the only cool way to be was either very different from everyone else or better than everyone.  I’m sure this sounds conceited, you have to remember I was like 9 years old and still discovering the world.  Nonetheless even ten years later I kind of think that I was on to something.  I believed that I could be really good at things and it has helped me to have confidence to go out and try.  I may not be a prodigy (I am far from a genius and that isn’t a secret) however I have made really good life decisions so far that have helped me to get to where I am now.  I am happy, I have great friends and I am at college on my way to a good career.  So while I’m not amazing I have set goals and learned how to reach them the normal non-genius way.  Everyone in the world has the potential to do that.  We can all achieve incredible things and go after our dreams.  You just need to believe that you can, and be confident enough to take the first step!


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