Let Go. My Ego!

  Yesterday I was reading a Seventeen magazine (Dec 2010/Jan 2011) and found an interesting story from this high school girl, Erica, who was bullied about her nose.  She recants how this one guy started teasing her about her long nose and even got his friends involved in it.  It started Erica’s freshman year and she basically ignored it in public, but once she got home she would cry and ask her mom if she thought she was ugly.  Of course she wasn’t, but with the persistent bullying she figured the only way to make them stop was to get a nose job! She decided to have the procedure done at the end of her Junior year so that she would be able to recover during the summer.  The first day back to school Senior year, the bully was at it again teasing her about her nose job.  Erica finishes her story describing her feelings and how she was surprised that even after she had changed her look permanently, she couldn’t seem to dispel this guy and his friends’ bullying.  What she found out was that it eventually didn’t matter what others thought of her, as long as she was happy with herself she would truly be at peace. 

Unfortunately, this story is quite common, even though this may have been a drastic case.  School bullying, or teasing, is mean and can really tear down your self-esteem.  Changing who you are to get into the “it” crowd is exhausting and sometimes can lead to dangerous outcomes.  Fortunately for Erica, she was able to see that she was the key to her own personal happiness and that overtime people change and eventually (say a year from now) that same guy’s opinion will not matter anymore.  Be true to yourself and who you are as an individual; if someone is bullying you, don’t feel like you have to change to get them to stop.  Also recognize that they are insecure themselves and feel like they have to pick on others in order to make themselves feel better.  Although it may not seem like they could be insecure because perhaps they are cool, have the latest fashion, and/or are part of the popular crowds they use these to hide behind, hoping no one would see their weaknesses.  Don’t let anyone pull you down because of their insecurities, instead rise up and be proud of who you are!


Cos’ we are beautiful no matter what they say
Yes, words won’t bring us down, oh no,
We are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring us down, oh no,
So don’t you bring me down today

-Christina Aguilera, “Beautiful”





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