Healthy Body = Healthy Image

As girls, we constantly worry and criticize our bodies.  Statements such as “Do these jeans make me look fat?” “Oh my gosh, swimsuit season is just around the corner…I wonder if I still fit into mine from last year…” “I swore I fit into these shorts just months ago!” continually swirl through our minds. To add to that stress, we love food and we feel guilty when we chow down on comfort foods with our friends. It is natural for us to worry about our weights, however, this shouldn’t be as big an issue for us as it currently is. posted an article about what causes us girls to think we are fat (when we totally are not), what causes us to gain weight around the hips and thighs while growing up, and why some diets work for others while not on us.  I think this is good information for us to keep in the back of our minds next time we start critiquing what we look like in the mirror. To summarize, the media plays a big role in presenting this ideal body image, while our hormones allow extra fat build up around our hips and thighs and in addition, our genes are working against us while we battle those inches.

Even people who work out have issues with seeing results right away.  To overcome the depressing feeling of not looking like you lost weight, try to measure inches rather than pounds. More often than not you will find that you will begin to lose inches first and then the pounds will start to come off after you keep up your exercise routine.

Try to pair thrice-weekly (plus or minus a day or so) workouts with friends and low-calorie snacks.  Fitness  magazine posted 30 low-calorie snacks that you can substitute for a bag of skittles, some chips, or an ice cream. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep on the band wagon so try getting a friend or two involved that you can rely on. This will help you both stay strong in making healthier eating habits and activities. Stay tuned for helpful hints in keeping a healthy mane and skin for summer!


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