Tips for Clearer Skin

Acne is a terrible thing to have to endure, especially growing up.  Even though school is out for the summer, it remains important for us to keep up our good looks and beat down those bad ones.  There are times where that messy hair can be tamed, the unibrow can be plucked, and the acne can be slightly diminished. It takes consistency and time, but in the long run it will benefit you!

WebMD is one of my favorite websites because it has great advice on any health issue you may have, plus it has little quizzes that test your knowledge and small advice blurbs. It is easy to go to for quick hints that are healthy and will help you feel better.  One such quiz involved how much I knew about acne, what causes it, what causes oily skin and if gender has anything to do with it, and what ways there are to deal with it. I definitely could use more tips because I didn’t get a great score (9 out of 14), so I saw an advice article that gave some great tips!

Mainly, what you should focus on is keeping your skin clean, but try not to use harsh soaps and don’t over do it because that will lead to irritation. In addition to this, try to use oil-free soaps if possible (this isn’t too difficult to find-most, if not all, facial soaps out there are oil-free). This tip is my favorite: don’t shun your favorite foods (mine definitely are chips, chocolate, and pizza) instead if they cause more irritation then try to avoid them. Also, drink plenty of water, use oil-free sun screen (it is actually a myth that the sun will clear up your acne), and be sure to not pop your pimples!  If you have any issues with your acne it is best to see a dermatologist because they can give you medicine to help diminish your acne.

There are many more tips available on the WebMD website that you may find helpful, too!


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