Hakuna Mutata

Summer is one of the best seasons. Everyone loves not having school, warmer weather, and longer days. This is all thanks to the sun’s constant presence.  Did you know that even by spending at least 5 minutes in the sun a day will not only boost your mood, but will also may help medical conditions? According to an article on WebMD about ecotherapy (aka nature therapy) there is still studies being done to determine the actual effects of the sun on medical conditions, however, it has been noted for quite some time that being in the sun for short periods of time can lessen your stress, anxiety, and even depression.

 They suggest talking a walk in the park-be sure to either go with a companion or tell someone where you are going and when, apply sunscreen, and take a bottle of water to stay hydrated! Also, gardening is always a good pastime-even weeding for 5 minutes will do the job! Other suggestions would be to go on a picnic with friends, go on a bike-ride around town, play a sport in the park, go on a hike, or even swimming. All of these are great ways to clear your mind after a stressful encounter and will help you stay physically healthy.

No matter what you decide to do out in the sun or for however long, just remember to use the buddy system and use plenty of sunscreen!


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