Don’t be Another Statistic: Teen Pregnancy

I was flipping through a Seventeen magazine we have lying around here at our center and while I was trying to come up with something to write about, I turned a page and this GIANT baby bottle was displayed next to a GIANT statistic: “750,000 teenage girls will become pregnant this year. –The Candie’s Foundation.”

This really caught my attention because, holy cow, 750,000?!! That number is outrageous and I wonder why it is so high. Despite all the research regarding why teen pregnancy is so high, I had to admire The Candie’s Foundation. They are a non-profit that is committed to shaping the ideas and general thinking of youth regarding pregnancy and how difficult it is. I suggest looking into their campaign and involving yourself, too!

A motto that this foundation has is “Pause Before You Play,” which I believe is very good advice. What they mean by this is to earnestly stop and think about your future, your education, your goals and dreams in life, and the relationship you are in. You have the potential to do great things and to make something of yourself; parenting is difficult and is full of responsibilities-do you want to miss out on your high school or middle school years which are supposed to be fun and exciting?

In all reality, you don’t need to have sex to prove to someone you love them. This is difficult at times, but look to a friend, family member, a school counselor, a church group, or whoever for support in your decision to remain abstinent.  However, if you decide to become sexually active, you must ask yourself these questions beforehand. Use contraceptives and resources around you to prevent pregnancy.  Teen pregnancy is very hard for those who experience it-ask a teen mom and dad that you know. Don’t know any? You can find many stories online about those who have experienced this point in their lives. Don’t add yourself to the statistic, “Pause Before You Play.”


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