Oh No You Didn’t!!

No one likes to fight, especially if it is with a close friend or family member. Girls can be vicious, too. Your close friends know some of your deepest secrets, insecurities, crushes, and most embarrassing moments. When feelings get hurt and emotions rage, it isn’t too difficult to come up with some type of arsenal that will cut deep and sting for weeks. Sometimes arguments cannot be avoided, but there are some techniques you can use to lessen the amount of vicious outbreaks.

Deal with the small things right away. Don’t let the tedious things keep building just because you don’t think they are all that bad right now. Communication is key. Girls are great at communicating-we love to talk! However, when it comes to people who are close to us, we don’t want to hurt their feelings and tend to keep a lot of stuff inside. This can be dangerous because if you let things build too long it can explode, even unintentionally! 

Don’t gossip! It is fun to talk about people and to watch the funny things people do, but don’t make a habit of talking behind people’s backs. This can come back to bite you. It brings up a lot of hurt feelings and breaks the trust you once had.

 Another thing you can do is chose your battles because some are not worth losing a friend over. If it is an unhealthy relationship altogether, then it is worth it for your personal health.

Talking things out is one of the best things you can do. You don’t always need to talk to that person who is bothering you, but even talking to someone you can trust to keep things confidential is helpful until you are ready to confront the other person. Look to school counselors, teachers, a family friend, or a significant other to help you sort out those feelings and thoughts. It is never too late to talk!



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