Body Art

Body art has been a popular trend throughout the ages and is grounded in layers of culture. You will find that various people from different walks of life that have a vast array of experiences decide to get tattoos and/or body piercings.  For most who decide to get a tattoo or more, they chose something that is meaningful to them. For others it can be a rite of passage into adulthood. And of course, there are those that decide they just want to get body art because it is a popular trend and for looks. Whichever category you find yourself in, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Most, but not all, body art is permanent. Yes, there is a medica procedure that can remove tattoos, but it is very costly. It is best not to get one on a whim because you will be stuck with it for quite some time. Plus, if you think about something meaningful to have it will be a great story to those who ask about it!

Although at some businesses, body art is acceptable to have publicly displayed by their employees, there is a large majority of businesses that do not allow any to be shown. They may ask you to cover up your tattoos with clothing, make-up, or band aids. Certain body piercings can be considered offensive to customers and thus they may ask that you do not have any piercings other than your ears. You may have to take out other piercings or cover them with band aids. Some businesses may not even hire you if you have a lot of visible tattoos and/or body piercings.

There are also some health risks involved in body art. The most common being infections. It is important to keep your skin clean and follow any and all directions given to you by the helping professional. Also, be sure to go to a tattoo parlor or body piercing shop that is certified and always uses clean equipment. Take a look at this link to get more information on body art safety.



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