Which Fake Nails are the Best?

Have you ever noticed how many nail salons they are in your town? I believe I see at least five or six in mine, just driving along the main street! Many females these days, ranging from middle school to 60+ year olds, are getting their nails done. If you are looking at getting your nails done, whether for a special occasion or just to treat your beautiful self, and you don’t know which ones are right for you, read on and find out!

Acrylic nails are very popular and are best for you if your nails keep splitting or tearing. You can get them in various colors and designs, plus you are able to chose the shape of your nail, however, they can do a lot of damage to your nail beds during the time they are on because it doesn’t allow the skin underneath to breath. Thus, when you get them taken off, your natural nails will be very sensitive and will take some time to grow back strong again. Usually you will only have to get acrylic nails filled once every couple to a few weeks, depending on how fast your nails tend to grow.  Also, if you break one of these, be prepared to have part, if not most, of your nail ripped off. This is because they adhere so well to your nails that a bump can tear your already fragile nail. This isn’t a common occurrence unless your job entails handling a lot of dishware or manual labor.

Stick-on nails are healthier for your nails and can be found at any grocery store, which also means they are more affordable. However, they tend to not be as durable as acrylics due to water and the oily conditions of your natural nails (yes, even your nails can have a bit of natural oil on them). Most of the time, these DIY kits come with glue, too, but be warned, they tend to attract fungus and microorganisms, like bacteria!

Some women stick to a basic manicure where you can get your nails painted over. It is quick and easy, and can allow you to do it yourself! Usually you can find fingernail polish in the store that is made specifically for strengthening and/or lengthening nails.

Gel-nails are a newer form of acrylics. The methods used vary and the type of substance used is different from acrylics. These nails tend to be more flexible and they are more healthy for your natural nail bed rather than acrylics. One con to this type of fake-nail is that they don’t stay on as long as acrylics and water tends to loosen their grip from your nails. These nails are best if you are not wanting “extensions” put on your nails, but rather are trying to strengthen the nails that already exist. This will help your nails grow faster and are not as harsh on your natural nails, too, but will still make them a bit soft once they are taken off. Another con is that this method does cost more than acrylics.

If you are looking at getting your nails done and you are a student, be sure to ask your salon if they have student discounts. Most do and will usually advertise, but it never hurts to ask. Be sure to find someone you can trust to do your nails or a salon that has had good ranking and reviews found online. Also, make it extra fun and make a girl’s day out with  you and your friends!

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