Don’t Miss Out, Stay Fit!

     It’s so easy to think of fitness as a complete waste of time.  Most people workout because they want to make their bodies look more attractive.  But there are also a lot of people who are able to stay skinny by eating smaller portions but they aren’t actually in shape.  So, what are the benefits to being fit that go beyond physical appearance?  Another reason that’s popular is simply because it’ll be better when you are old if you have good exercising habits now.  But even that feels really far away and it’s not very motivating.  However, there are so many reasons to be fit. 

     One major reason is that you have more energy.  If you workout your body will be able to absorb energy better.  So if you have trouble staying awake in class and you feel drained during the day then working out might really help.  Another reason is because it actually helps you to do better in school.  When your body is happy then your mind is healthy and you will retain more of what you learn.  And, it is important to be in shape in instances you might need to use self-defense.  Being able to run or scream or fight back can be really important. 

However, we have all experienced a time when people are getting together to play a game of soccer, or your friends want to take a walk, or your all swimming together in the summer and you simply get tired.  Everyone else is having fun and you are out of breath and feel awkward saying you don’t want to do what they’re doing.  If nothing else, this is a golden reason to be in shape.  No one should have to miss out on the fun things that they want to do because they don’t feel physically able to do them. You can do it! You deserve to go out and have fun in life without your body holding you back.

   Fitness can be super fun too! Everyone usually thinks of exercise as going to a gym and running on the treadmill or something.  But there are lots of ways to get in shape that can be a lot more fun.  You could go ice skating, or swim laps, take a jog around town, or go dancing.  It can be a lot of fun, and a good workout at the same time.


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