Natural Hair or Natural Disaster?

Every girls biggest enemy is her hair! Normally you don’t even realize you have options for how to wear your hair until you’re in middle school.  And then what are you supposed to do with it? There is straightening, blow drying, curling irons, curlers, up-do’s, the natural look… simply to many options.  And most girls just do what they know how.  straighteners are easy to use, so you could go with that. Curling takes a lot of patience, and some girls don’t have the right hair for it.  Other girls know how to use curlers better than anything else so they stick with that.  But its hard to know what looks best on you, and most of us don’t have the time or patience in our lives to try out all different hair styles. 

So I figured I would make it easy for you and let you know the best ways to get started in finding the right hair for you.  First, what does your hair do naturally?  Does it hang pin straight, or curl, or become wavy? You should usually style your hair in a neater version of what it already looks like! For curly hair, curling irons and curlers work the best.  However, don’t rule out the option of using gel and scrunching it.  Scrunching (using your hands to twist and curl your hair while gel sets in) is healthier for your hair and more natural looking.  For straight-haired girls, straighteners are great, but you could also use a defrizzer and let your hair dry naturally, that way it still looks clean and neat but without the damage that straighteners cause.  And for the in between people, your lucky and you get to choose.  Some people with wavy hair actually don’t hold curls very well.  So if you try curling your hair and the curls arent there at the end of the day then you should probably try straightening. 

And always remember, the more natural the better! When your hair looks unnatural it distract people from how pretty your face is and how beautiful your hair is!


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