Safely Being Alone

If you have been fortunate in your life you have never been in a situation where you felt threatened.  However, it is possible for anyone to randomly become subject to some really horrible things.  There are some scary people in the world, and if you don’t want to hide away for the rest of your life, you should learn how to defend yourself.  That way you can keep living life the way you want to without fear of being hurt. 

One of the most important things to remember is to stay out of sketchy places.  If you are in a city and you see a street that’s dark and there’s no one around, don’t go down it.  It seems pretty obvious, right? But a lot of people start to think that they wont be the one person who happens to get hurt.  Or they think that being afraid of sketchy places is wimpy, but that would seem like a really ridiculous excuse if you were to get hurt for putting yourself in that situation. 

Another thing is to have an emergency number on speed dial and your cell phone in your hand.  That way you could get help if you felt threatened. 

Avoid going places alone if you don’t have to.  Who likes going around by themselves anyway? Just travel in groups and make sure everyone you were with is accounted for. 

And ALWAYS call for help! Make noise and fight.  Even if the person threatens you and its hard to think of the right thing to do, it’s better to make a scene in a public place before they can do something to you than to simply allow something bad to happen without doing anything about it. 

And last of all, simply go with your instincts.  If you see someone and you feel like something is odd or feels wrong, there is probly a reason for it.  Avoid the feeling of being in danger because you get that feeling to keep you safe.  If everything was okay then it shouldn’t make you nervous.  If it does then don’t question it because it is much better to be safe then sorry!


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