No Jack-o’-Lantern? No Problem!

Are you someone who would love to decorate for Halloween but doesn’t have a lot of time?  Sometimes the classic decorations like Jack-o’-lanterns can be so messy and time-consuming.  Or maybe you don’t have a porch or place to put them outside your home.  Here are some fun alternatives that can go inside or outside the house and will never rot or smell like the classic pumpkins:

1) Spooky Silhouettes-

Start by printing off images of spooky cats, bats or jack-o’-lanterns

then trace them onto black cardstock paper and cut them out

Attach the creepy cut-outs to one end of a firm, bendable wire and attach the other end of the wire to the bottom of your candle holder. (make sure your cut-out is a safe distance away from the candle flame)

Then light the candle and adjust it closer or farther from the wall so that the shadow is the right size for your space.

2) Tin Can Lantern-

You will need… 1. A paper template  2. A sharp nail  3. A clean tin can  4. Scissors  5. A good surface  6. A hammer   7.Tape (as seen below)

First tape the paper template around the tin can.  Then use the nail and hammer to poke holes in the can where the template directs you to.  When you are finished remove the paper and place a candle inside the can.  Light the candle and enjoy your new lantern!



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