Tips for Waving Straight Hair

Do you have stick straight hair and often find yourself complaining to your friends about how your hair won’t hold a curl? If so, here is an easy trick to make your straight hair wavy for the day. Different hair types are easier to work with than others, but this is a good base style to try. All you need to do is sleep on two or more french braids and take them out in the morning. It also works best when your hair hasn’t been freshly washed, so it might be good wash your hair in the morning and braid it at night. What you want to do:

1. Use some sort of spray bottle or wet comb to get your hair slightly damp. Then, you apply mousse evenly on your head. You can buy a generic brand of mousse (like seen to the left) from a local drugstore for under $5. You can also purchase better quality mousse at hair care stores like Ulta, but any brand should work.






2. Next, have a friend or parent french braid your hair if you can’t do it yourself. Generally two braids are enough (like seen below). If you want smaller, tighter waves, you’ll want more than two braids. Make sure to keep the braids as tight and close to your head as possible. Now you can go to bed and sleep on the braids. It’s a good idea to have them in for at least 8-10 hours.







3. In the morning, take your braids out carefully. Your hair should be wavy and ready to go. It should look something like the picture below. All you need to do is give it a good spray with hairspray.  Make sure to spray all around your head, especially underneath. You can easily do this by leaning one direction and letting your hair fall to the side, showing the underside. After you give it a good spray, you’re ready to go with your wavy hair for the day.









This hairstyle is good for everyday styles including going to school or going out for the night. It’s easy and leads to a successful and cute hair day. Give it a try with your friends if you want to try a new and fun look.


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