He Loves me, He Loves Me Not

How do you know when a guy is serious about you?  Aside from pulling off the petals of a daisy and hoping the universe, by chance, made that flower to reflect the heart of the guy you like.  Is there a way to know whether or not a guy wants a relationship with you? Guys have several tells to show you when they are interested.  However, the most important thing that you have to remember when you like a guy is not to be too obvious.  Guys may give girls attention when the girl is throwing herself at him, but that kind of attention is always temporary.  If you want a guy to consider having a relationship with you need to let him do the work, you can let him know you like him, but don’t be too easy.

However, one of the biggest ways to know if a guy likes you is body language!  Posture can speak volumes about how someone feels about the person they are interacting with. First of all, if you are in a group setting and the guy is talking to everyone, but only making eye contact with you while he talks; that is a huge indicator that he likes you! It means he is speaking with you in mind, he wants to know that you heard him and how you react to what he says.  And if a guy cares about what you think, he likes you!  Another body language sign is his feet.  It sounds kind of funny but when you are standing and talking to him, if his feet are pointed at you that means his whole body is facing you and nothing else.  That means that he is completely engaged in your conversation.  Therefore, never forget to check the feet!

Another major way of knowing if a guy likes you is by how much they initiate things.  Who texts who first? A good way to keep it balanced is if the guy starts the conversation the first time, you start it the next time.  If you keep going like that and he starts it at least half the time then you’ve definitely got something going.  If he always starts it before you get a chance… then you’ve definitely got him! But always remember to take it slow and not to appear too pushy.  Until you are super close in a well established relationship, you should always let the guy take things to the next level when he’s ready.  For example, if you have never texted before, let him be the first to start it.  If you’ve never talked on the phone, let him call you.  And if he moves to slow than be patient because it’s always better to wait till he’s comfortable than to force it and lose him.  But if he moves to fast you should never feel like you can’t tell him to slow down.  Tell him you’re interested but you want to go slow.  Guys will respect you for being honest about those things, and if they don’t and they get mad, they are not worth it. 

And of course, if all else fails there are always more petals in the world 🙂 !



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  1. Elizabeth Mae Snyder
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 21:20:00

    Well some people should know they’re right guy or girl for them.


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