A Christmas Treat

Here is a very easy to make recipe of a Christmas treat that is really yummy. It’s called Christmas Bark, and you make it with white and regular chocolate swirled together with peppermint. It’s cheap and makes for a good treat whether it be to eat at home, take to a party, or give as a gift.

Step 1: Buy peppermint candies at the store and crush them up in a bag. First you’ll need to unwrap the candies individaully, and it’s a good idea to keep them in a ziploc bag to avoid getting candy everywhere. Crush the peppermint until it’s in small chunks. 

Step 2: Get a microwavable bowl, and pour a bag of white chocolate chips into it. Put the bowl in the microwave and heat the chips up in incriments of 30 seconds until the chocolate is liquidy and thick.

Step 3: Now you can mix half of the peppermint chunks into the white chocolate. You’re ready to pour this mixture onto a sheet of wax paper in a ‘zig-zag’ shape across the entire sheet. Make sure to leave room in between the rows because you’ll be pouring milk chocolate as well.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2-3 with the milk chocolate chips. When you pour it onto the wax paper, make sure to pour it in between the white chocolate to achieve nice swirls.

Step 5: Now to mix it a little bit, you can use the end of a knife and run it up and down the sheet vertically, swirling the chocolate into a decorative pattern.

Step 6: Finally you put it in the fridge to harden. Once it’s hardened, you can either break or cut up the block of chocolate into smaller pieces. It’s ready to eat or package however you want!

This is a fun and easy treat to make, and it’s great now that the Christmas season is coming up. Enjoy! Can you think of any other yummy holiday treats?


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