Just Enough

Thanksgiving is an awesome time for everyone.  It gives us an opportunity to really connect with our family, eat good food, be thankful for what we have…. and hey, no school!  But one major downside to this holiday, and christmas and new years soon to follow, is that they are centered around food.  There is no mystery as to why so many people join gyms after the new year.  We all commit to loosing wait in the new year right after spending weeks centered around holidays full of awesome food.  This can be a super good thing.  However, it can also be a little nerve-racking for those of us who would like to eat the thanksgiving turkey and christmas cookies without becoming them.  How do we handle this dilemma?  For one thing, look into the calories and fat content of what you’re eating before you eat it.  That way you wont have to feel like you are constantly and blindly stuffing your face.  Also, remember that everything is good in moderation.  I LOVE mashed potatoes with a passion.  However, I would not eat piles and piles of them.  More like one serving and then more if I’m still hungry.  When you eat something really good the automatic reaction is to say “I want more” rather than savoring the amount you’ve had and leaving it at that.  So try to eat everything in manageable portions and appreciate it while you’re eating it, recognizing that there is no need to eat and eat until you can’t fit anymore. 


However, it isn’t good to be too hard on yourself.  Always keep in mind that it is a holiday, so eating more than you would on any given day is perfectly normal.  Dont become so restrictive with your eating that you don’t allow yourself to enjoy all the delicious treats.  But enjoy them responsibly by eating until you have had just enough.



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  1. virtuos and beautiful
    Nov 24, 2011 @ 05:34:12

    Yes to that, enjoying food responsibly. I can’t wait to try the food tomorrow!


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