Stay Warm This Winter With Stylish Scarves

Winter is here! Are you ready for it? The weather just keeps getting colder and it’s important to stay warm. An awesome way to keep from turning to a popsicle in the winter winds is to accessories with hats,gloves, and scarves! The most popular kind of scarf right now are pashminas. They’re soft, warm, big, and come in lots of fun patterns and colors. However, one of the most frustrating things is that its hard to figure out good ways to tie them. There are some obvious ways, but those can get boring really easily. So, here are three new fun ways to tie your pashminas that most people don’t know about…

1) Fold the pashmina in half first width-wise, then length-wise to form a loop. Place the loop around your neck and pass the top-end through the loop. Then take the bottom-end and pass it the opposite way through the loop.

2)Fold the shawl in half width ways and then place around the neck, with the loop draping round the front of the neck and the ends hanging at the back. Bring the ends to the front, then cross them over and bring the top layer back and through the loop you’ve created. Tighten to the neck and open out the fabric of the top layer.

3) Fold the pashmina in half width ways and place it over your neck. Tie it once loosely, then tie it again, but instead of pulling it tight into a knot leave it loose so it forms a chain link. Continue adding loose chain links as necessary

And there you have it! You’ll have the most stylish looking scarves out there =)!



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