The Perfect Gift

I’m sure everyone has been hearing lots about the consumerist angle in the holidays.  Everyone being encouraged to spend less on each other and give more to charity, which is a wonderful thing.  However, gift giving (when people don’t get carried away) is an awesome way to show people how much you love them.  Gifts can be super personal and thoughtful without breaking the bank.  Gift giving has the ability to remind every one of how much they care about each other, which is why it started in the first place.  Saint Nick, according to the legends, would sneak into people’s houses and leave them special presents to boost their spirits and remind them that they are cared for.  With that in mind, it can be really hard to figure out what kind of present to get for the special people in your life.  The reason socks are so popular is because they are generic and everyone needs them.  But how do you figure out something unique and special to get someone that lets them know that you were thinking specifically about them?

One place to start is to find out if they have any hobbies or interests that they don’t necessarily get to do in their normal routine.  For example, I love astronomy! But I don’t study it in school and I don’t have a lot of opportunities to do anything with it.  But last year a friend good me a book on stars.  It was really random seeming to everyone else, but I find myself reading it a lot! And I didn’t see it coming, so it was even more special that my friend knew such a small detail about me and was able to surprise me with it. 

If you keep digging for secret interests and cant find any… you could always go with inside jokes.  In all of the time that you’ve known this person you must have had at least one really good laugh over something goofy.  No matter how abstract it was you can always find a picture on a t-shirt, or a mug, or some object that might represent that joke.  And the best part is that every time they use it, it will make them laugh thinking about that funny time with you. 

And last but not least, if all else fails you can always get sentimental! A picture in a cute frame with a letter about how much you love them will do the trick.  Its cute, personal, and gives you a chance to tell them about how you really feel. It’ll give you a chance to really reflect on your relationship with that person and remember how much you care about them.  What’s more perfect for the holidays?



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