New Year, New Possibilities!

Happy New Year! Have you ever noticed the strange slump that everyone gets in when the holidays end.  We spend so much time looking forward to christmas and new years.  There are parties and gifts exchanged and holiday magic.  For the first time in a while the holidays give us an excuse to relax and forget about the things that are stressful for the rest of the year.  Sports let up a bit, no school, family comes to town, and everything is about celebration.  So how are we supposed to feel when that’s over? It seems like everyone goes back to the grindstone and things that we forgot to worry about are suddenly ten times more stressful.  Plus its just sad that we don’t have the exciting things to look forward to.  Suddenly winter is just cold and long and the highlights are over.  But maybe they don’t have to be…


Whatever happened over the holidays, and whatever difficult things you need to return to now, remember that this is a brand new year.  We all just got a fresh start that is on going. The things that disappointed us last year and the things we would like to be better at are a pile of endless possibilities for the future.  You now have several weeks of normal, everyday life ahead of you to practice being the person you want to become.  Make plans with friends, work harder in school, do the things you know you want to but aren’t sure you can.  Because when it comes down to it, there will be a new year every year.  And when the holidays are over and its time to get back to work, look at it as an invitation to see your life and yourself in a new light. You go girls!



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