What Can be Fun, Stylish, and Comfortable? Shoes!

One thing that I am always struggling with is finding practical shoes to add to my wardrobe.  A good shoe should be interesting and unique, but still easy to match with lots of different outfits.  In whatever you wear you want to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable, and shoes can be a huge part of that.  But what shoes could possibly fit this entire description?  Most shoes are either fun and unique, strictly for comfort, or really great with lots of clothes but painful.  So here are some helpful hints of different kind of shoes that usually work for many different occasions and look super stylish:

1) The moccasin

These awesome shoes are super comfortable and warm for cold winter days.  They are color neutral so they go with lots of different outfits.  They look especially good with earthy tones and more of a hipster rustic look.  And don’t be afraid to get your feet wet so long as you use the handy waterproofing spray.

2) Black Boots

These can be dressed up or down.  They are simple looking so they are easy to match with things and they are super stylish right now.  You can’t go wrong with a good basic boot!

3) Ballet Flats

Even though they are not exactly new to fashion, ballet flats still give an awesome statement with any outfit.  They are cute and sensible, and can easily work with any outfit for any occasion.  You can also buy them in all kind of colors and designs which makes it easy to find the ones that work best for you.



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