How Young is Too Young?

So if any of you are fellow Glee followers then you were as shocked as I was this week to see Finn, the adorable jock PROPOSE to Rachel Berry! My eyeballs nearly popped out of my head and my mouth went dry from hanging open for so long!!! But after I recovered from my shock, the proposal brought up a really difficult question for me.  How young is too young to fall in love for forever? A couple of decades ago people used to fall in love and get married right out of High School all the time.  And a couple of centuries ago people got married as young as thirteen.  In some countries people still get married that young.  I know that, that has been proven to not work out for most people, however, the hopeless romantic in me refuses to believe that for centuries no one was in love with their spouses.  So, if its possible to be in love when you’re a senior in High School, it could be possible that the right thing to do is to get married.  For some people, getting married keeps them from a lot of opportunities.  You can’t go to college anywhere you want.  Its harder to travel to cool places because you don’t want to leave your spouse and it’s too expensive to go together.  And when you get married super young you never know what you’re giving up, but its scary to think that in a couple of years you could be regretting the decision, even if you still love the person.  Most of us like to think that there is a such thing as true love that lasts forever.  However, if that’s true then why can’t people remain in love but wait to get married until they’re older and know what they’re getting into? Some might say that if you’re in love and you know that you’re going to get married eventually then why wait?  And there is truth to that too! Every couple is different, and when I see an eighty year old married couple who have been married for sixty-two years and don’t regret a minute of it, I believe that you are never to young and naive to really fall in love.  However, that’s not for everyone! So for the other 99% of us, it may take a couple more years before we know that we’re ready.  It doesn’t mean that the love isn’t real, or that you’re not meant to be together.  In fact, if it is real, the test of time will be fool-proof anyway.  But don’t let a relationship keep you from the opportunities that you could have in life.



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